Friday, January 29, 2016

Five for Friday

Thanks, Doodle Bugs for hosting
Our week began with a little snow outside, and these great snowflakes inside!

Stop by on Thursday to grab your freebie for this project.
My class has been working hard on their Google Slides Biography presentations.  Last week the students completed their graphic organizers for their famous person.  This week they completed their presentations.

Students gave their presentations today and some will finish up on Monday.  How fun watching the presentations.  Some students really enjoy being in the spotlight.

Here is the rubric I used to guide the students through their work and grade the presentations.

This week dictionary work was on our radar.  On Wednesday we did a fun activity - Dictionary Dig.  It is a very simple activity - I write a random word on the board, while holding their dictionary high in the air students say the word.  Here's the part that makes me smile, I say charge, students drop their dictionary to their desk and as fast as they can they try to find the word.  When a student finds the word they stand up.  After three students are standing, I stop everyone, we say the page number, and everyone gets on the same page.
Next, I ask the three students who are standing a few questions. 
What part of speech is the word?
How many different meanings are there for the word?
What is the example sentence?
Spelling races - a great time filler for those extra minutes.

Our week ended with creating this beautiful winter picture!  Visit this site to get the directions.

Have a great weekend!

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