Saturday, March 5, 2016

Five for Friday

We prepared for Read Across America Day by making these cute Things for our hallway. Here is the blogsite that inspired our Things.

Our class opted to highlight our favorite books and tweet about them.

 On Wednesday our class spent time reading with 6th graders!  It was fun for me to see many students that I had in second grade.  The 6th graders made bookmarks for everyone in my class.  It was a great cooperative activity.
 We began a new Science unit this week - Force and Motion.  To keep the kiddos organized we usually make a booklet that keeps all our flip flaps, notes, pictures, investigations, etc.  After our lesson introduction, students used toy cars to to demonstrate the effects of force.  You can find many lesson ideas here.  The car activity is near the bottom of the page.

 To reinforce our Force and Motion lesson for the day, students had time to explore to activities on-line.  
Thanks to Dragon's Den for tons of links and ideas. 
It was fun to observe the students as they worked through various tasks using push or pull forces. 

I think you would have ended your week the same way I did...
Laryngitis crept up on me once again, second time this school year.  Since my voice was pretty much shot by the end of the day and I was tired of trying to get the kids attention without talking, I grabbed a few extra chromebooks from the lab and everyone had time to explore some learning activities.  My other choice would have been a movie but my kiddos like time to explore new games recommended by their classmates.

Thanks Doodlebugs for your Five for Friday!

Have a great weekend!