Friday, March 11, 2016

Five for Friday

I'm loving how our Selfie project turned out!  Yesterday's Thrifty Thursday post gave the details for our project.

I have been trying to have no worksheet Wednesdays in our classroom.  So far it has been a success.  The trick is to keep everyone engaged in reading activities.  Success again!  Often if you visit my classroom you will see students quietly reading, students completing a word work activity, students working with task cards, and many, many more activities.  Friends, I know that you all have totally engaged students in your classrooms also (I've been reading your blogs!)

Nothing new here - students practiced changing y to i and adding es to various words.  The twist - we used plastic plates and dry erase markers to record answers.  This teacher smiles to herself knowing the students are doing an equivalent amount of work as a worksheet.  The smile continues when I hear, "This is fun!" "This is cool!"

Thursday was our last try at the exploding sticks project.  We started our journey in January with lots of youtube videos and some small/short trials.  
Our final trial enlisted the assistance of 7th grade students.  This really helped my 2nd graders accomplish the goal of creating a long chain of sticks.
Some groups struggled a bit and it was fun to see my 2nd graders instructing their much older partners.

More work from our Force and Motion science unit.  Today was magnet day!  First, students completed the activity to identify objects that were attracted to magnets.  Next, students were given a few minutes to explore with magnets, nails, and screws.  The kiddos were really into creating things using the magnets.  So fun to watch 16 pairs of busy hands and even better everyone cooperating!  Here is the result of the exploration time.

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