Sunday, March 20, 2016

Five for Friday

Thanks Doodlebugs for hosting!

 Partner work - I love when I hear students gently teaching each other during a partner activity!  Pairs were allowed to select their own special place to work - rather interesting choices.  I know you can relate and smile about the selections your students make!

More Partner Work - two heads are better than one (sometimes).  All week long the students worked on the app Winning Words - Synonyms.  Check it out I snapped it up when it was free.  There are other Winning Words apps for Antonyms, Homophones, and Double Letters.

Science this week found us working with heat energy.  My kiddos love the hands on part of science investigations!  We are almost finished with our force and motion unit.

Our focus story this week in reading talked about an assistant signmaker who caused a little trouble.  We've learned that students in our school cafeteria have been causing a little trouble too.  So our class made signs to remind everyone about the proper things to do in the cafeteria.  Just like the signmaker's assistant, went in the cafeteria (without the lights on) and put up our signs!  Fellow second graders were surprised to see the signs and find out our class put them up!  It was enjoyable to hear the explanations from my students.

Since we had the paint out and things were a mess anyway, students cut out extra large eggs and decorated them for the hallway.

Since it's Sunday and I'm just now posting my five for last week, I'll wish you a great short week!

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