Friday, April 1, 2016

Five For Friday

Happy Friday, Friends!  
It is always good to celebrate Friday with you and some Five for Friday.  I do enjoy checking out the many talented, interesting teachers across the country.  Here are my five random things for Friday.
Superhero projects - we finished up a project we started before Easter vacation.  Everyone pretended they were a superhero.  Some students got very creative with their writing!  Check out Emily Education on TpT - she has great products!

 Traveling Tourist Activities - Since our week is only three days long, I decided to get in some extra Social Studies time.  I don't know about your classroom but, in mine it seems like Social Studies and Science are always getting cut out when I run short on time.

My students are super engaged with this product from Simply Skilled in Second.  I made presentations to go along with each place we are visiting during our "vacation".  On Thursday, I heard these comments from the class, 
"Thanks for taking us on vacation!"
"This is my favorite thing we have done!"
"I want to go to more places!"
I'm so glad my students are loving the unit.  They are really into making their suitcases look really good.

 Exploring Our Country - This group of boys were so fun to watch as they shuffled through a stack of cards I bought on vacation this past summer.  The cards are small and show a picture and title of numerous places across the U.S.
After they looked at the cards, the boys just had to compare the cards to the map.

 Solid Read Aloud - Earth Day
I very excited to share this new product with you!  My daughter and I have been working on this product for a little while.

Our Solid Read Aloud product is designed to incorporate poetry, fiction, and nonfiction into your daily read alouds.  This packet is all you need to start infusing poetry into your plans.

This is our first packet in, hopefully a series of packets in the Solid Read Aloud series.  In a 15 minute daily lesson you will be on your way to including poetry on a weekly basis.

My daughter, Rachel has included many of her original poems and she even wrote the Earth Day nonfiction book included with the packet!

Hop over to my TpT store to grab your copy!

April Fool's Day treat - I'm always glad when April Fool's Day lands on a weekend.  Then I can just forget about it.  But when it doesn't here is the treat I always make with my students.  They get a kick out of eating burgers and fries!

DoodleBug, thanks for hosting!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Those suitcases are a great idea! I can use that for a project I have coming up!

  2. My name is Esmeralda Zamora and I teach first grade. I love the idea of the suitcases. I will integrate this idea with a Common Core Unit of Exploring Our World. I will have my first graders fill a suit case with a continent they would like to visit and fill it with important landmarks or natural resources from the continent of their choice! Thanks for sharing.