Saturday, April 16, 2016

Five for Friday

Thanks, Doodle Bugs for your weekly linky party!
Here is my 5+1 things for the past two weeks...

This week the students in grades K-3 went to see the live performance, "Chicken Dance."  It was fun watching Elvis Poultry perform in true Elvis fashion.  We couldn't believe we had front and center seats!  A fun morning for everyone.

Relaxed worktime - sometimes they just have to work in their very own spot and switch things up a little.  What you don't hear is the Kidz Bop music playing in the background.  Happy kids!

What fun to use so many different post-it notes to make our adjective page look so good!

Here is our finished My Friend writing project!  I shared this freebie project on my Thrifty Thursday post yesterday.  The kites, clouds, and pictures make for a wonderful spring display. 

Wild Weather - the weather across the country has shown a lot of diversity this past week.  In our little corner of the world we had rain, snow, and 65+ degrees all in a few days.

This variety of weather has fit perfectly with our weather unit.  The kiddos had fun catching the huge snowflakes on black paper and observing them using a hand lens.

and +1 more thing

Friday found us in the sun investigating evaporation.  We made puddles in a sunny spot and in a shady spot.  We circled the puddle to mark the size.  We patiently waited (inside) for 5 minutes, then observed the puddle.  We waited another 5 minutes.  When we went back outside, we found that the puddle had completely evaporated.  I love the question, "But where did it go?"  This connected perfectly to the our cloud experiment last week (water turns into clouds).  So forms the water cycle.

And one more thing...

I invite you to check out my Solid Read Aloud product for Earth Day!  The Solid Read Aloud product is designed to be incorporated into your daily routine.  The product includes original poetry, writing projects, anchor chart headings, response cards for two fiction books, original non-fiction book, and art connections.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the evaporation investigation! I pinned it for future reference. I'm in Connecticut. Every morning this week, I had to scrape off my windshield. By afternoon, it was 63! Last Monday, we got 4 inches of snow! I THINK...I HOPE we are now going to have spring weather! Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Elvis Poultry...that must have been interesting! What a great idea for the evaporation investigation!

    1. Elvis Poultry was fun to watch, especially when he sang Love Me Tender to the hens! Thanks for visiting!