Saturday, April 23, 2016

Five For Friday

Thank you, Kacey!

I needed a quick birthday gift for my niece.  I had the money counting jar in my stash and stopped at the bank for the rolls of coins.  Then I created the note with some ideas for her and the gift was finished!

The kids and I have been loving using post it notes our reading and math journals.  It saves time since the kiddos are not cutting out pieces, just a couple of students walking around putting the sticky notes in the notebooks.  We did talk about not touching the sticky parts because it will take off the sticky stuff (you know how tempting it is to stick your finger to that stuff).

I love this earth project!  Coffee filters, markers, water!  Messy color and spray.  The kids enjoy watching the colors run together.  Students will use their earth for an Earth Day poem next week.

So much fun!  I've been saving my trash good stuff for a long time.  Today the kids used a lot of the lids and box labels.  I found the inspiration for this project on Pinterest.  Thank you!
I'm sure if I would have asked parents to save these items I would have gotten a bunch of stuff.  It was fun watching the kids select the just right label for their flower.
Once the projects were hung, many students were seen "studying" the projects and picking out various labels they recognized.

Today was our last professional day for the year.  It's hard to think that we were working on some materials for next year!  What!!! Where did this year go?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the art! The flowers turned out great. I laughed out loud about the Post-its. I tell my kids the same thing, "Don't play with your Post-it, or you'll take off the sticky."

    Thanks for sharing!

    Stacy @Made with Love

    1. Thank you! Oh the things a teacher says!

  2. Your Earth Day activities were great! Post It notes are the most versatile teaching tool ever! I go through so many each year.

    1. Thank you! The activities are part of my Solid Read Aloud - Earth Day packet. Love those post it notes!

  3. I love the recycled garden. I will definitely need to try that next year!
    Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher