Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Happy end of the week for me!  I'm off tomorrow for my daughter's wedding!  As much as she said, "Mom, you don't have to do very much," I guess 'much' is a relative term!

Today's Thrifty Thursday idea... 

3 Great Ways to Use Post It Notes 
In the Classroom

Interactive Notebooks

I've written about using post it notes in my interactive notebooks in previous posts.  The kids think they are great!  No cutting, no mess, self-sticking, and did I say no paper scraps or hundreds of trips to the trash can even when I say hold all your scraps.  Actually, I think some kids just need a walk/break or say a couple words to a friend, so mostly it's okay with me.

Here is a picture from reading and math notebooks last week:

I know we could have completed the notebook pages without the post it notes but the notes add a certain importance to the page.  And the added color is fun!

Notes To Go Home

  Have you ever taken the time to print off reminder notes that need to go home and find several notes on the floor or desks after the kiddos leave?  I have.  As important as I said the note was for their family to read, some kids really don't get it.
One day I forgot to copy a note for the kids to take home, I spied a post it notepad on my desk (insert lightbulb above my head here).  I quickly handed out a post it to each student and proceeded to write the message home on the board.  All the students copied the message and were told to put the note inside their take home folder.  The note sticks and travels safely to each family.  Now, how do I get the families to read the note?!  An added bonus of the students writing the note, they now heard me remind them of the message, they wrote the message, and took the message home.  Hopefully, (fingers crossed) the message seems more important now, than just another piece of paper from the teacher.

Anchor Chart Information

Saving time is a big deal in a teacher's life!  Anything I can do to safe a few minutes along the way is a big help.  So, when I create an anchor chart for a particular topic/subject/skill I will probably be using it again next year.  Enter post it notes!  The kids love writing their ideas/responses on the notes, adding their initials (this ups the quality of responses), and adding their learning to our chart.  When we are finished using the chart, I take off the notes and the chart is ready for the next year.

Have great rest of the week!

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