Saturday, May 21, 2016

Five for Friday - Busy Week

Thank you, Kacey for hosting!

Here are my Five for Friday...

This week our 2nd graders enjoyed having High School guest teachers.  The Child Development class worked with small groups of students to teach them nursery rhymes and complete activities.


More high school visitors!  The chemistry and physics classes put on a wonderful demonstration for our entire elementary school.  The kids went wild with "elephant toothpaste", color changing water, explosion of ping pong balls, and more.


Our last science unit of the year is a plant unit.  On Monday we placed bean seeds on wet paper towels in plastic bags.  Most of the kiddos forgot about them, a few kids checked them and didn't notice any changes.  Friday we did a little "bean observing".  This little guy was classic - just what this teacher wanted her 2nd grade scientists to observe.  The kids slipped off the seed coat, found the tiny leaves inside, and used a hand lens to investigate.


Our school read 100 million words this school year!  How does a school celebrate 100 million words read?  All the classrooms created posters to carry on the walk.  Then the entire elementary school walked to a nearby park, played games, enjoyed ice cream, and then had a tired walk back to school.

We made a tasty treat this week to help anchor in our flower part learning.  Thank you Dollar Tree for having these "tulip shaped" cookies.  The cookies fit the bill for the flower petals but the taste wasn't so great.  Cheetos are perfect for showing pollen and how the pollen sticks to bees, butterflies, and birds.

Only 8 1/2 more days for us, how about you?

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Great ideas for a plant unit! Sounds like your high school students were very prepared and did a great job. 18.5 days for me yet! Stop by and enter my HUE Animation Giveaway. I bet your seconds would do great things with it! See you next time! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom