Friday, May 6, 2016

Five for Friday

Thank you, Kacey!  I love Five for Friday!!!

We're finally finished with our Earth Day poetry project.  Even though we're a little late, the projects look wonderful outside the classroom!

This week we focused on Fairy Tales.  How fun to spend our time reading the many, many different versions of fairy tales.  The kiddos spent time writing their very own fairy tales!  It was very interesting reading the many different ideas they came up with.

Hopefully, the students will have their fairy tales ready to publish next week.  A huge thank you to our keyboarding teacher who is helping the students accomplish our publishing goal.
I don't remember where I found these resources.  If they are yours please let me know and I'll give you credit.

To finish out our week we worked on this fantastic STEM project by Kelly Smith at Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten.  We made a couple of modifications to the project.

Students worked with a partner to build their houses.  There were so many ideas flying around the room.  Some of them didn't even look like houses - more arch-like.  When I reminded them the house had to stand by itself and have the pig inside, the arch builders made modifications.  This is a sampling of some of the houses.

After the houses were built, we used a hair dryer to "blow the houses down"!  We had a couple of house slide across the paper plate.  One house flipped on it's side and a few didn't move at all.  It was interesting to see the excitement build as the wolf got closer and closer to each house.

As a follow up to the house building, we borrowed materials from the early childhood room and set off for more design work.  The conversations were great and cooperation was at it's peak!  A teacher's dream project!
When the engineers were finished with their designs the big bad wolf entered.  We knew we couldn't blow a leggo house down with a hair dryer so, what if we tried to crush the house instead?!   The students enjoyed piling dictionaries on top of the various houses.  Some house were able to withstand the pressures of the big bad wolf and others not so much.

I love hearing, "This is the best project we've ever done!"  I just smile to myself because I heard that same comment the last time we did a big hands on STEM project!

No pictures to share but this teacher is doing a happy dance now that her testing is complete!!!  I can hear your amens - many of you have been in assessment mode also.


  1. Wow...look at all those dictionaries! Great challenge!

  2. Thanks for visiting! The kiddos were pretty excited as each dictionary was added to the stack!