Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Hello Everyone!

Is it possible this is the last Thursday in July?  In teacher language that means August is next week and most of us I'll be in full back to school mode. (Insert my sad face here.)  It's not that I don't want to go back to school, because really it is exciting and fun but, don't you just love SUMMER!!!  Enough of that.

This week I'm attending a Developing Numeracy workshop.  It has really opened my eyes for lots of different activities and ways to teach number sense.  Our instructor has stressed the importance of a solid number sense base in the early grades.  A solid number base will allow the student to make sense of two-digit addition and subtraction later in the school year.  And these skills will develop quicker.

Here is my thrifty way (I didn't even have to go to my classroom for the supplies.) to make bead sticks for my small group time.  Our instructor uses these all the time with her students and especially the struggling students.

2 different color pony beads
bamboo skewers
pom poms
hot glue gun

As I searched the house I found clothes pins and thought they would work also.  You can probably find colored clothes pins or use markers to make five pins a different color.

Another thought - attach pictures to the pins for a more concrete visual.  Example - clip pictures of apples into each clothes pin.  I have 3 apples.  Sam gives me 4 apples. How many do I have now?
If you just clip the pictures into the clothes pins you can change them out to go with your story problems.

I'm off to our last workshop day, hopefully I'll be back with more developing numeracy ideas with a thrifty twist!

Happy Thursday! 

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