Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Happy Thursday, Teacher Friends!

My friend and I have spent the last couple weeks prepping for a summer academy class for teachers.  It is always such a fun time for us!  This year our sessions have grown to thirty+ participants!

Linda and I enjoy researching and finding so many cool resources that are being used in classrooms across the country and world!  One resource we found were tracking pointers.  The students use the pointers to help follow the words that are being read to them or to follow the words they are reading.  That was in last week's Thrifty Thursday post.

Once I made those little guys, a thought popped in my head - I've used sticky notes when I asked students to find important parts.  Why not make clips -- so enter the Eyes on Reading clips!

We all know when students have a new "tool" to use their engagement level goes up.  I made a bunch of these little guys to use during my guided reading group time.  

To use these little guys I may ask students to find a proper noun, adjective, verb, etc.  At a harder level I would ask students to find a sentence or passage that tells specific character traits or find a sentence to which they can make a connection and many more ideas. 

Oh, guess where I found the clothespins and wiggly eyes?  You're right, my favorite Dollar Tree!

Until next Thursday,

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