Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Today I'm sharing a great math game that aids your students' numeracy development.  If you search Shut the Box you will find bunches of different types of games (this is not an original game).  You can also find many free printable games.  I'm sharing my thrifty spin on this favorite game.

To create the game I used two different color milk jug caps.  You write the numbers on the caps or use Avery Mailing Seals.  I like the contrast of the white seals against the colored caps.
If you wanted to make this a three person activity, just add another color cap.  Although sometimes a group of three can get loud or the kiddos have a hard time waiting for their turn.
Another twist on the game, which takes it to a higher level is to use the numbers 11-20 and make dice numbered 5-10.  To add a different dimension to the game I added a third dice with the numbers 1-6.  Second graders work on developing numeracy through 20 so this is perfect for them.

To play either game - roll the dice and decide how the number will be removed (milk cap turned over).  For example, if you roll a 4 and 3, there are several ways to make 7.  

Player could turn over:
7  or  3 & 4  or  6 & 1  or  5 & 2
If a cap(s) has been turned over, the player loses their turn.
Play continues until one player has turned over all their caps.

The directions for three dice are basically the same as the the two dice game.  Players decide how the number will be removed (milk cap turned over). For example, player rolls 10, 7, and 6.  There is no 23 on the board, so player can add 10 and 7 and subtract 6 which equals 11. 

So many possibilities - change up the numbers on the milk caps, change up the numbers on the dice, students can only use addition, I know you can think of more!  If you do have a different twist on the game please leave you idea in the comments below.  I would really appreciate it and I'm sure others will like to read your ideas also.

As I have written before I plan to have more ideas for developing numeracy in my classroom.  Stop back for future posts about developing numeracy.  I hope that you will benefit from these ideas also.

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