Saturday, September 24, 2016

Five for Friday

Three weeks into the school year and I finally think I can take time to breath!  I know you have felt the same way.  Thanks, Doodle Bugs for hosting Five for Friday (or Saturday)!

First, I'm finally so happy to be finished with my beginning of the year assessment.  Each year our teachers assess kids to see where they are after the summer lag.  It is a good thing but it does take time.

 While I've been pulling kids for the beginning of the year assessments, I've had the others working on lots of partner math activities.  A huge thank you to everyone who put out their freebies for the beginning of the year.

This has been a great time for the kiddos - they are working on learning but still getting the time to (hopefully) quietly visit with their friends.  They also can sit around on the floor while they are still getting used to sitting on chairs or at desks/tables.  This year for some reason my students really need the opportunity to sit around on the floor and stretch out. 

These snacks we so cute!  This little guy brought in the snacks with his grandma.  She said after a quick Pinterest search she decided to make this sweet treats.
 Pencil management, what is the perfect solution?  This year I've decided to put a huge stash in my supply cart.  Students can get a pencil whenever they need one.  No worries for me!  Right?  Wrong!!!  One student has found it necessary to snap the erasers off his pencils, then grab a new one, use it for the day, snap off the eraser and repeat the entire process.  This little guy has made it on my radar and I've had to talk with him about the eraser thing!  If I take him out of the equation, the system is running very smoothly.

Oh, I also have a stash of pencils that I sharpen and put in my sharp pencil container.  Students use these when their pencil is dull or broken.  In our classroom students can only sharpen their pencils right away in the morning or after lunch.

Here is picture of our first Cougar Family Meeting!  It took a huge family to get all the shirts tie dyed and ready to wear.  Our family meetings focus on our school's positive behavior program.  Second grade is purple and you can see the shirt turned out so nice! 

This month our first lesson was Be Proactive based on the 7 Habits of Happy Kids book.  When students have time with school counselor, she also focuses on the be proactive lesson.  As classroom teachers we talk about the same lesson with our kiddos.  So everyone in the school is hearing the same message throughout the month.  As part of the planning team for these events, it is my desire to have the messages become part of our school culture for years to come.

Happy weekend!  I hope you have a wonderful, restful couple of days.

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