Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

It's a great day!

Here is a super cheap word work activity for your students.

Plastic lid letters - my family and I have been saving lids for a little while.  It is always helpful to ask family and friends to give you their garbage.  Most people are happy to oblige!

Here's what you do... 
write vowels on some lids (I made 3 of each vowel) and write consonants on the other lids.  Channel your inner Wheel of Fortune contestant and make extra consonant lids for those letters.  I only made one q lid but I made multiple t lids.

To play/use...
Students can use the letters to spell various words from their spelling lists. Or when I need my kiddos to get outside (weather permitting) I use the letters to have spelling relay games.  Use whatever relay rules you would like.  Or sometimes I just toss the letter lids into the air and students only use the letters that are face up to correctly spell any word they are able to.

The lids are free, you're just reusing something you would thrown away so if the kids get a little rough with the letters no problems!  Start collecting your lids and make your unique set of letter lids!


  1. What a great idea! Not only does it promote recycling, but it's also budget friendly. Thanks for the idea! Danielle Murphy

  2. Hey Danielle! Thanks for visiting!