Friday, October 21, 2016

Five For Friday

Happy weekend!
      Fun with apples!  Does an apple float?  Is there part of an apple that doesn't float?  These were the science questions explored by my little scientists.  I love doing investigations with the kids!

     The beginning of each school year we begin with Henry and Mudge books.  The stories are wonderful and students can connect with many of the story lines.  To bring the Henry and Mudge craze to close we celebrated by making our dandy dog treats.  Thank you Pinterest for the idea.  I found the original post here -  Our dogs had mini M&M eyes and jumbo M&M noses.  Our school is not under a total peanut butter ban like other schools in our area, so we were able to use the nutter butter cookies.

     Fire Prevention Day is a big event for students in grades 1, 2, and 3.  The firemen are all volunteers and take a vacation day to spend the time with our students.  These men and women are great at giving the students lots of hands on activities and a wealth of information.  Thank you volunteer fire fighters!

     My school is fortunate to be able to get Scholastic News for all the students in second grade.  This fantastic resource provides for many learning opportunities.  Day one, we work through the article and questions on the back of the paper.  Then I extend the use of the Scholastic News by connecting it to a reading strategy.  Of course, we always watch the videos and play the online games provided by Scholastic.

     Last year our school district received a grant and raised matching funds to be able to install new equipment for all to enjoy.  Many thanks to everyone who worked to make this project a success!

Have are super weekend!

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