Sunday, October 30, 2016

Five for Friday

Whaaat!  Sunday already!  Every weekend is sooo busy. Isn't the weekend time to relax and catch up on a couple of things?  The life of a teacher, we lament over the busy weeks and busy weekends but in the end...

We LOVE our profession!!!

We went batty with non-fiction work this week.  Creating diagrams, researching facts, looking for information on our anchor chart - it is so rewarding to see the kids engaged in learning so many different ways.

Why do kids love to paint?  Some teachers many cringe at the thought but I enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces and the accomplishment in their voice, "Look what I did Mrs. Brown!" 

These don't look like much yet, hopefully next week our final bat projects will WOW you!


The kids really enjoyed created their graphs will the Skull & Bones I picked up at Dollar Tree.  Now that I look at this picture I don't see any graphs, hmmm.  

Anyway, when they completed their graphs, the kiddos were able to create.  The little guy in the blue shirt was the trend setter.  When his classmates heard me say how creative he was with the skulls and bones, many others joined in the fun!

You can grab your Skulls & Bones freebie at my TpT store to be ready for next Halloween season.  If you would, please leave a positive comment I really would appreciate it.

Thanks, Kasey!  I appreciate all the creative ideas from teaching friends across the country!

Enjoy your Halloween party tomorrow!

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