Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Another Thursday, already!!! 

My students have been doing a fantastic job during our writer's workshop time!  Today I hated stopping them because it was time phy ed class.  This happy teacher heard some moans because they wanted to keep writing!!!  WHAT - phy ed is one of their favorite classes!  How cool!

My teaching partner and I have started slow with our writer's workshop this year.   We have been very deliberate expanding sentences and adding details.  I've had my students work as a whole group to write super, expanded sentences.  

Then I had the students add another sentence to their story.  This only made for a two sentence story.  Many students have gone on to write fantastic, detailed filled stories!  

I'm sharing my fall expanding sentences with you.  Work on  expanding these sentences with your great writers and wait for the magic to happen in your writer's workshop time.

Click on the image to grab your freebie.

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