Saturday, November 5, 2016

Five for Friday

Just like you, Friend, I'm glad Halloween week is behind us.

  Our school allows students to wear their costumes the entire day!  Last year was our first year doing this and I thought things would be CRAZY all day long.  I was pleasantly surprised with the great students both last year and this year.  They get a little excited when they first arrive but after everyone has a chance to show off their costume they quickly settle into our daily routine.  

I think the kids feel like they are partying all day long since they are wearing their costumes.  Our class did play a few 'just for fun' games throughout the day, so maybe we did party all day?!?  

What a great bunch of writers!  This is the first week that I've let the kiddos move around the room to write.  Up until now we have been practicing our procedures and expectations.  Can you hear the relaxing classical music playing in the background?  We even turned off a few lights!
I switched it up for these three girls this week.  We went into the hallway for our guided reading group.  To practice writing fluency I had them write their spelling words on the wall.  They were so cute when they even erased their answers.  One girl covered her answer so no one else would copy!

Students had a fun time playing Greater Than War.  Check out more details here.  Don't forget to grab your freebie.
It was a beautiful fall Saturday!  I enjoyed my day, I hope you did the same.  Looking forward to the extra hour of sleep tonight!

Thanks, Kasey for hosting this weekly linky party!

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