Friday, November 11, 2016

Five for Friday

My oh, my where does the week go?  Here we are again, back together for another Five for Friday.  Thanks, Kasey for hosting!

Like so many classrooms across America our kiddos had the opportunity to vote on Tuesday.  Nothing big and fancy just a discussion about voting and Scholastic News reading.

It is heart warming to a teacher's heart to see so much reading activity!  The kids grabbed their reading books and spent time reading with a partner.  Of course, picking a just right spot can be a bit difficult to agree upon.

If you haven't checked out yet, what are you waiting for!  It has many, many activities you can create with the few clicks of your mouse.  The word generator is great, Dolch and Fry words are available, simply pick the level your students need.

I like to create flashcards for one struggling reader to practice at home.
Tasty Treat day is always a big hit with the second graders!  This week we made our turkeys.  I really appreciate the two volunteers that come to my classroom every Thursday, they do a fantastic job helping the kids get their treat made.
Hip, hip hooray for our school!  Our students read 25 million words in the first quarter of school!  The reward - Flashlight Friday!!!  This was our first Flashlight Friday, I do have to say I wasn't so sure about the event but the kids really enjoyed it.  I even brought my book and was able to get a few pages read between students asking me, "What is this word?"  I may include this in my classroom incentives.
It has been a busy week.  Now that I look back I didn't even include our math activities!


  1. Thank you for the sight word site suggestion. I'll add that to my list of sites to check out this weekend!
    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  2. Seein little kids reading is one of the most beautiful things in the world! Love Flashlight Friday!
    Lori @
    Outside of My Classroom

    1. Hey Lori! Thanks for stopping by! I tried to follow your link but I wasn't able to get to your site. I'd love to stop by to visit your site.

  3. Hey Jordan! I hope you were pleased when you checked out the sight word site.