Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Five for Friday on Saturday

I know that Kacey isn't hosting this week but here are my five things from the week...

This week ended my first five days of the Twelve Days of Christmas gifts for my students.  You can read about the Twelve Days here

My students are really getting into the little gift each day.  So far they received a pencil, an eraser, two fancy stickers, they got to chew gum in class, and had hot cocoa while watching Polar Express.  This first week cost me about $7.00.  Not bad for the gifts so far.  Oh, I also was able to use up some leftover items from last year.  Win-win for me, I emptied out a little space.

As the students come into the classroom each day I have a message on the smart board...

On the first day of Christmas,
My teacher gave to me...

a holiday pencil!

Hopefully this will help them remember that they are only getting the small gifts and experiences rather than one larger gift.  My co-worker said one of her students stated, "What no big gift."  I probably would have taken away his gift for the day!  Life as a teacher is really hard sometimes.😩

Check back next week for a recap on days six through ten.

Glitter, glitter, glitter!  It's beautiful!  I really do love glitter!  I love when the kids work on this project. 

Every year the Senior Citizens dinner is held in conjunction with our elementary Christmas program.  For the past several years the second grade students have made two-sided stand up trees for the centerpieces.

Each student makes one tree.  Then my classroom volunteer glues them together around a paper towel tube or maybe a tp tube which the students painted brown.

The kiddos are free to glitter away!

On tasty treat day we made our reindeer snack.  Perfect learning opportunity along with our caribou unit.

Interesting listening to the students say these are all girl caribou (they didn't say reindeer).  When asked why, they explained the female caribou keep their antlers all winter.

Don't you love when they make connections to their learning!

Friday finally came and I was off to co-host a table at our church's Festival of Tables event for ladies.  All the tables were beautiful!  Here is our table.  Disposable plates and silverware made for quick clean up when the event was done.  Our centerpiece was grabbed from my coffee table.  Super easy decorating, I just walked out with two shopping bags while others carried out boxes and boxes of decor.

Shopping - finished!!!  My husband has to order a few things on line but that is his thing, I'm done with my shopping.

I was so excited about this deal...
At a local department store I gathered up many gifts.  The total came to $125.  I set out a handful of coupons and asked the very nice clerk to use what will give me the best deal.  She was super polite!  As she figured everything out, I was hoping to get the total under a $100.  The super nice clerk announced my total $42.92!!!  Whhaatt!  I was shocked.  I quickly paid so she couldn't say she made a mistake.  And my next thought was, "Why didn't I buy more!"  Merry Christmas to me!

Until next time,

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