Saturday, January 14, 2017

Five for Friday - On Saturday

Thanks, Doodle Bugs for hosting!

     Wild weather!  Many schools in our area have had cancellations and delays this week.  Our school was fortunate to have an early release and a late start.  Two short days - woohoo!!!  More weather is forecast for next week, we'll see what happens.

     Back into the groove.  Finally!  Does anyone else suffer from the ailment "Repeating Expectations"?  To keep a positive attitude I try (and I know you do too) to gently remind students of the expectations/rules that were in place before Christmas vacation.  You'd think the kiddos would just get sick of hearing the same words.  Finally, on Friday I told my class their biggest problem is not keeping quiet.  I moved a few students and the class was really quiet during one particular unstructured time.  I was just about to praise the kiddos with a brownie point and the loudest boy in the class says, "Wow, it's really quiet in here."  I went on to praise the class and quietly talk to the loud boy reminding him that he made the most noise.

     Two-digit subtraction began last week.   Those of you that teach that skill understand how hard it is for the little ones to remember all the steps.  This week I am happy to say about 80% of my math class has the concept and if assessed would do well.
     We have done TONS of practice.  We have danced, we have patted ourselves on the back, we have even bounced around the room to celebrate "getting it".  I'm hopeful the last 20% will grab the two-digit subtraction concept this week.
     But wait... then we move on to subtracting across zeroes!!!

     Sentence work this week - the kids worked on identifying each kind of sentence by it's proper name.  A fun time was had by all when special/fancy post-it notes were used to record the different kinds of sentences.
     Everyone was excited when they received an email from Mrs. Brown that contained several moon related activities links.  The activities were a perfect reinforcement for skills we worked on in science class.  

Coming next week - Inventor's Day Read Aloud unit.  
Visit next week for more information.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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