Sunday, January 29, 2017

Five for Friday

Thank you, Kacey for another week of great stuff!

     Information overload, are the two words that sum up my week.  Monday started with an in-service day, on Wednesday I attended a fantastic writing workshop, and on Thursday a group of teachers and administration worked with a scheduling consultant to develop a building schedule.  Lots to take in and process.

     Our student teacher started this week.  We are glad that she will be with us throughout the entire semester.  Friends, if you've had a student teacher you know how much talking goes into the first days.  When I wasn't involved in information overload our student teacher and I were in conversations.

     I was able to put another product in my TpT store - Read Aloud - Inventors.  February 11 is the national observance day for Inventors Day.  This product connects poetry to your daily classroom read aloud.  
     Visit my TpT store to grab your copy for half price!

     Time out for a project!  Have you ever felt like your students needed a change of pace?  That was where I was at on Friday.  After a sub for two days and the introduction of student teacher, everyone just needed a little change.  A quick Pinterest search turned up these cute little guys.  Since we live in northeastern Wisconsin, snowmen will be around for a while.  Thank you Pinterest for the idea.
     Here's to another full week!  Benchmarking my students and a couple of meetings are already on my schedule.

     Have a great week!  I hope you stop in again for another look into my classroom.

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