Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thrifty Thursday Is Back!

Hello, Friends!

     Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style is back!  I know you all understand how busy December can be.

     What a week - it is a challenge to get back into the 'school day' sleep schedule (not that I stayed up that late every night), reminding the kiddos about the classroom expectations, and especially the long stretch without a break.

     This week I'm showing you a thrifty project that I was able to complete during Christmas vacation.  I've been wanting to update a few things in my kitchen for awhile.  As I searched the stores for the just right window treatments nothing popped out and shouted, "Take me home!"

     So, that led me to making my own.  I probably spent more time searching Pinterest for inspiration than it took to actually make the window treatments.  Anyone else ever have that happen?

     Here is what I came up with.  I decided how long I wanted the valance and added several inches to make the tucks.  I sewed my valances but I saw many no sew window treatments.  The major time consumer was ironing all the seams to prep for sewing.  This is a step I wouldn't skip.

     Finally, hubs mounted the valance about eight inches above the window trim.  I like the look of the taller window. Total cost for three windows - $13.00 and about two hours of my time.  I know not all Walmart stores carry fabric, we are fortunate to have fabric at our local store.

     I would encourage you to take a little time and update the look of a window or two in your house!  You'll be as pleased as I am!

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