Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Welcome, Friends!

     Hope your week is going well.  It's been crazy for me in-service day, welcome a student teacher, workshop day, and work in district with administration day.  I think Friday will be the only regular day in my schedule!

     Today brings a thrifty freebie for you!!!

     My kiddos have really been subtracting up a storm lately!  If you have taught two- and three-digit subtraction with regrouping to your students you know some students just get it and others need LOTS of practice and guidance.  Once they master that skill then the dreaded zero is added into the mix!  Zero can bring super confident students to a screeching halt.

     Like so many of you I think scoot activities are fantastic in the classroom.  Valentine Scoot has a zero in every problem.  By the time the students are finished they will be rocking subtraction across zero with confidence!  When we do scoot activities in my classroom, the students wander wherever they see an open card.  I do not make them follow in order.  I've found that this allows the quicker students the freedom to search for all the cards and not try to rush a slower student ahead of them.

     While the students are working, our classroom paraprofessional and I circulate around with our answer key and bright colored marker.  We frequently stop students to check their work and immediately mark each problem that is correct.  Students having problems are retaught and they continue working.  

     Sometimes I tell the students to be sure to check with a teacher when they have three problems completed.  This will  also alert me to anyone having problems.  If problems are noticed, I can quickly pull a student or two aside and work with them.

     Have a great Friday!

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