Saturday, February 18, 2017

Five for Friday - Valentine Week!

Super busy week, I know your week was busy too.  Valentine's day, 100th Day, Tasty Treat day, and budgets are due (too soon)!  Even though the week was hectic, there was a lot learning going on and smiles on many faces.

Thanks, Kacey for hosting...

Here's a look into our busy week.

Valentine's Day started with a flurry of activity centered around delivering valentine cards.
Our class moved on to our STEM activity - Candy Heart Zipline.  The task - create a container that will hold and carry 40 conversation hearts to the bottom of the zipline.  Lots of ideas, lots of engineering, lots of partner work!
Later in the day, my math students rotated through a series of 100th Day and Valentine centers.
Cupid's Coins - Check out my Thrifty Thursday post from February 16th for your free money amount cards.
Tangrams - Students worked on creating hearts, flowers, and even a snowflake.
Clothespin Structure - Students attempted to make a structure using 100 clothespins.  This was more difficult than the kiddos thought it was going to be.
Cup Stacking - Partners stacked 100 small cups to make a tower.
Calculator Work - Students read the number word cards, wrote the number, and used a calculator to add two 3-digit numbers.  This was a favorite center, I think it was using the calculator to get the answer.
During our special center day, students also tried to stack 100 conversation hearts and complete the Perfect Match cards.  Perfect Match had students match the equation card to the answer card.  Stop by my TpT store for your copy.

On tasty treat day students made Washington's Cherry Pie.  Even though it wasn't President's Day, I wanted to take advantage of the extra set of hands my faithful classroom volunteer brings each week.  The students scooped graham cracker crumbs into the their cup, added scoops of cherry pie filling, and topped their pie with whipped topping!

Finally, I have to figure out my classroom budget for next year.  Hmmm, what should I put on my budget?  Teachers spend so much of their own money, sometimes I feel guilty putting the little extras on my budget.  I'd love to hear some of the things you include on your budget. 

Have a super weekend!  Here in my little corner of Wisconsin we'll be enjoying 50+ degrees!!!



  1. I love the idea of Washington's Cherry Pie! So cute!

  2. Thanks so much! The kiddos love Tasty Treat day!