Friday, February 24, 2017

Five for Friday

Short week for me - professional day and a vacation day.  Three day weekends are always welcome!

Here are a few things from my week...

Our school has all students working on Lexia Learning Reading program.  My class is currently trying to win a pizza party.  Lots of achievements this week!  So proud of everyone. #LexiaLearning   #contest   #MrsBrowns2ndGradeRocks

Expanding Sentences - Since we had a short week, I had the class working on expanding sentences.  One day the kiddos worked with a partner to create sentences on the folded papers (Pinterest idea).  I quickly drew the choice menu on the board and added the spinner (found a Dollar Tree).  

Students started with a simple sentence - They play.  With each spin, students moved to a new piece of paper to add that part to the current sentence.  You get the idea from the image.  Students were able to write super sentences by adding various parts (who, what, when, where, how, why) to previous sentence.

This a great activity for your class.  I love when I hear, "This is so much fun!"  Partner work is always a favorite time in our class.

Our hallway clips were empty (changing of the projects/display) so to give the kiddos a change we set up the scoot activity on the clips.  The student diligently worked at figuring out subject-verb agreement on each card.

I was able to work with the students in the hallway, while the student teacher worked with students in the classroom.  I really enjoy working with/mentoring teachers and helping them fill their 'bag of tricks'.  Hallway scoot just went into the bag!
Thanks, Kacey for hosting another Five for Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love the expanding sentence activity. Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun!