Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Hi Friends!

     Everyone likes a clean and tidy classroom.  This is so true for me and many of my teaching pals at school.  To keep our classroom neat and tidy, my students do the straightening up at the end of the day.

     I've tried several different methods and have finally settled on one that works great for me.  Each day about 5 minutes before the students are to be dismissed, I call out either, "Girls clean," or "Boys clean."  Each group knows if it is their turn they do all the work and the other group gets ready to go for the day.  With everyone working together it only takes the students a couple of minutes to get the job accomplished.

     As part of the clean up tasks, students pick up any paper scraps on the floor, plug in the iPads and Chromebooks, return stray pencils to the cup, and straighten the desks.  If they don't do it, then I do it because I don't think the custodian should have to vacuum up bunches of little paper scraps.  Our cleaning just makes her job so much easier.  I also continually remind the students, if they make a mess they clean the mess.

     I would love to hear how you and your students take care of your classroom at the end of the day.

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