Saturday, March 25, 2017

Five for Friday

Happy Weekend!

     Another busy week in my little corner of the world!  I know you had busy weeks too.  Thanks, Kacey for hosting Five for Friday!

     Sewing project - Last weekend we had a wonderful, weekend visit our daughter and son-in-law.  Stacy and I pulled out our stash of leftover springy/Easter color fabric.  Working together cutting, ironing, and sewing we created two of these fun Easter table runners.  They were very easy to make, if interested do a quick Pinterest search for directions.

     Unexpected gift this week -  A student brought me this gift and touching card this week.  What a nice treat on a gray day in March!  The family wanted to thank me for everything I do for their son. 

     More learning for our second grade student teacher - I got a new student this week and my teaching partner gets a new student next week.  Our student teacher spends the morning with me for Reading/LA and the afternoon in the other 2nd grade room for Math and SC/SS.  She will experience both new students and the assimilation process of a new student late in the school year.  It is hard, probably hardest on the students having to come into a totally new situation.

     Active learning in math class - on Thursday I wrote about working with place value and a quick game we play in our classroom using a deck of cards.  For another place value game we played this week, I made large number cards, 0-9.  I copied them in two different colors and randomly handed them out to students.  Next, I used number word cards from another activity and displayed one card at a time under the document camera.  When the number word card was displayed, students on both teams walked to the front of the room to make the number.  Students were not allowed to tell others where to stand to make the number.  I started with two-digit numbers and worked up to five-digit numbers.  This was a great activity for all students reading number words and silently organizing themselves.
     I was engaged in the activity and I didn't take any pictures.  Sorry.  Here are the number cards I used.  I've added a comma card for four- and five-digit numbers.

     Finally, our week ended with a pizza party!  Our second grade students worked on a reading program - Lexia.  Lexia is a fantastic program for getting students to focus on skills at their just right level.  Skills encompass all reading standards and present it in a game type format.
     Anyway, both of our classrooms entered the Lexia Learning contest.  Students had to show progress through the levels and complete usage minutes for two rounds.  Mrs. G (my teaching partner) won the first round and our class came in third in the second round.  As the winning class Mrs. G was awarded a $100 gift card for a pizza party.
     Our class had a special treat when Mrs. G's class shared their pizza party with us!  Thank you, Mrs. G and class!!!
     In the picture above most of the students are wearing black and white clothing.  Our music and band teachers worked hard this week to have a great, "Music in Our Schools" week.  We had a week of dress-up days with black and white (look like sheet music/piano keys) Friday and an elementary musical assembly.  During the assembly 2nd found out they came in second for the dress-up week competition.  Congratulations, First Grade for winning the competition!

Have a super weekend!


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