Friday, March 31, 2017

Five for Friday

TGIF!  Some weeks just seem longer than others!

Thanks, Kacey for hosting Five for Friday!

     My second graders are working hard during their weekly keyboarding class!  It is fun to see their progress and how some students are applying their new skills when working on our Chromebooks.
     Even though April Fools Day is on Saturday, our class made a special treat - Burgers and Fries!  We used a Pinterest recipe with the ingredients of Oreo cookies, vanilla wafers, frosting, with a side of shoestring potatoes.   This is always a favorite treat for the kiddos.
     My students always enjoy working with a partner.  This week the kiddos needed lots of reminders to whisper or at least talk quietly while working with their buddy.  Anyone else have to continually remind the kids to whisper?
Enjoy your weekend!


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