Saturday, March 4, 2017

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Thanks, Kacey for hosting!

     My week started with the flu!  You know the feeling, no description needed.  Not fun being sick on a vacation weekend and then playing catch up all week.  I went back on Wednesday and probably should have stayed home another day or two.  Anyway, I made it through!

     When I got back to school I found out my class (#MrsBrowns2ndGradeRocks) is very close to winning the #LexiaLearning #contest!!!  The students were beyond excited and really put in some hard work the last three days of the contest.
Please, please if you have a Twitter account would you consider helping us by Tweeting all the hashtags listed above.  If you just say YOU CAN DO IT in your Tweet that would be fantastic! 
We are so close!
Thanks for your help!
     We continued our Science Force and Motion unit with a marble investigation.  I truly enjoy observing the kiddos as they work together to complete each investigation we do in class.  Just the words, "We're doing an investigation," brings cheers from the class.  Such happiness for this teacher. 
     As we follow up and discuss the investigation, the connections the students make increase.  That's the reason this teacher always works to do more for the kiddos.

     My students love 🎔 making special snacks in class.  Since they were working so hard and focusing on trying to win the #LexiaLearning #contest, I thought a little reward in the form of a force and motion snack would be great.
     I didn't have much research time but, I found this cute little guy in a car.  Not a healthy snack but fun!  Once again, I was so proud of my students for making the connections to our science vocabulary.
That's a wrap on my short week!
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  1. This flu bug is not going away! I've been hit with it twice this year! Love your snack idea :)