Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

     Another Thursday is here!  When I look at the calendar there are not many Thursdays left in the school year.  My, oh, my, where did the school year go!

     This week I'm getting materials ready for next week when we start a place value unit (using larger numbers).  As part of the unit I plan to have students work in their notebooks.  One of the notebook activities involves completing problems using expanded form; hundreds, tens, ones blocks; number words; and adding ten or one hundred.

     To give you a start with your interactive math notebook, here is a freebie for my loyal readers, three pages of Word Problems ready to copy and use in your notebooks.  I love copying the problems on bright color paper so it adds a little pop to the student notebooks.  By using a variety of paper colors I can quickly check to see if students have all the problems in their notebooks and if they are completing the activity each day.

     I would love to hear from you!

     Enjoy your Thursday!


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