Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Hi Friends!

     As I looked through my past posts I noticed that I haven't shared any place value activities with you.  The activities are super easy and thrifty.  The required materials are individual whiteboards, dry erase markers, and a deck of cards.

     To warm up, I ask students to write a two-digit number on their board.  Then I select three students to line themselves according to number sequence.  As we work through more numbers (two-, three-, and four-digit numbers) I increase the number of students in the sequence.  For the final round I have all the students sequence themselves.  If students have the same number, one student stands behind the other student.

     Build a number activity - I use a deck of cards (minus the face cards) and whiteboards.  Students make three squares on their board.  I flip over one card at a time.  I tell the number, students write the number in a square (once the number is written it cannot be erased and moved).  Students try to build the biggest number they can.  Points can be awarded if desired. 

     A twist to this activity - have one student at the front of the room.  As the numbers are called this player writes in their numbers without anyone seeing.  At the end, players who have a number greater than this player earn points.  If this player has a greater number than everyone they earn a point for every student in the class!

     Another twist - once students have their number, call out, "add 100", "subtract 100", "add 10", or "subtract 10".  Students will tell their numbers to see who has the biggest number in class.

     During both of the activities, occasionally I will direct the students to show the number on their board in various ways:  expanded form, base ten blocks, or number words.



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