Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Hello Friends!

     Just wanted to share a game my class played this week.  As we continue our place value work, my math students enjoy working with partners to complete a variety of activities.

     A deck of cards (Ace through 9) and a place value mat. Partners deal out all the cards, keep the cards face down, and do not look at the cards.  To play students place the top card in their hand in the ones box, the next card in the tens box, and a third card in the hundreds box.  Players read their numbers, the player with the greatest number takes all the cards.  Continue to play until one player has all the cards.

     I print enough place value mats for my class.  If you have an odd number of students, this game will work for a group of three.  The players will have less cards to begin the game, so their game will go quicker.

     This is a great game to use decks of cards that may be missing some cards!  So don't toss out those decks of cards, use them in your classroom!  How thrifty is that?!

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