Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ahhh, Saturday!

It's a beautiful Saturday in Wisconsin!

Thanks, Kacey for hosting another Five for Friday or Saturday!
1 These sweet girls completed all their class work, so they were rewarded with a little different spelling activity.  I've talked about our great student teacher this semester, which gives me the opportunity to do different activities with students.  I grabbed the box of giant letters (just note cards attached to wood sample squares - from a door company) and a spelling list.  The girls worked together to spell as many words as they can.  Don't you love hearing giggles when they are having fun?!
2 Mrs. B (our student teacher) had great activities for the kiddos this week.  Like your students, they really like the time to interact with a friend and the teachers like the learning involved! 

3 Prodigy - Wow!  This fantastic FREE program is a must for your classroom!  Students work through math questions to earn the opportunity to battle in the game. 

     Due to a schedule change this week my students had thirty minutes to work on Prodigy.  When I announced Prodigy time the kids were so happy you would have thought I started tossing candy around the classroom!  In that one thirty minute session they answered 347 math questions! 
     Check out my Thrifty Thursday from this week for more information.  If you do sign up your class, I can earn points when you use my referral code:  Your students will totally enjoy the program.
 4 Scholastic News time offers an engaging discussion time for my classroom.  This week when we finished reading the selection our class went on to connect the issues to our ELA classes.  To reinforce our poetry work students searched the issue for onomatopoeia words and rhyming words.  Then to review they found proper nouns and adjectives.  For each students used different color crayons.
Have a wonderful weekend!  Wisconsin is excited for our first 70s of 2017!


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  1. We just read an article about cranberries ~ Massachusetts and Wisconsin grow the most! It's great that you have a student teacher and she plans fun activities! We just discovered Prodigy - it is so tremendous and the kids love it! Have a terrific week!