Thursday, April 13, 2017

Five for Friday

Happy first day of a long weekend!

     I'm hoping you all have off Good Friday like our school does.  We also have Monday off, so long weekend for me!

     Thank you, Kacey!  I'm so glad you host this weekly link up!

1 Landform snack - We are very fortunate that we can have snacks in our classrooms.  This week we used our snack to study for our Social Studies test.  Marshmallow plateau, M&M island, candy corn mountains (I told the kiddos they didn't have to eat the various parts, but I think almost everyone did!)  While I was working with each snack group, I was quizzing them on the many landforms we learned about in class.

2 Estimating activity - usually around holidays I bring out our estimating jar.  I found the glitter eggs at my favorite Dollar Tree.  Students  had to estimate the total number of eggs, next the number of yellow eggs, and finally the pink and blue eggs.  Many students remembered the total number of eggs subtracted the yellow egg total to find the remaining number of eggs for their guess.  However, I asked them if they thought I would really make it that easy.

3 Bunny Peep catapult activity - this week students scientist/engineers worked with a partner to build a catapult.  Once built, students launched bunny Peeps to see how far it would travel.  I used chalk to make our "track" as the kiddos called it and marked off one foot sections.  This helped when measuring the distance of each flying Peep.

So many smiles and giggles as we watched the Peeps go flying and landing with a thump!  How fun for the day before vacation, especially when it is hard to concentrate.

Check out my Thrifty Thursday from yesterday to grab your freebie for Peep Catapults.

Enjoy your long weekend!

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