Friday, April 21, 2017

Five for Friday

It was pretty hard to get back into the school routine after our spring break.  This week was very short for me, PD and personal day.  Even though time was short, here are a few glimpses at my week.  I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for...

1  With tomorrow being Earth Day my class I should have spent more time on some of my favorite projects.  But hey Teacher Friends, you know how the time slips away!  It seems impossible to try to leave some of these things for a sub to tackle.  Maybe it is my controlling side (c'mon you have one too) but I'll just work on Earth Day next week.  Anyway isn't everyday, Earth Day?

2  We are working on our Weather unit in Science class.  I wanted to get this investigation completed so the sub wouldn't have to do it.  We made a cloud in a jar and as an added bonus the rain really came down in our little water cycle!  This is the first year the rain formed in picture perfect fashion! 🙂 Everyone was so happy!

3 Our school is exploring Keyboarding Without Tears for next year.  Admin has asked if we would try it out.  Thursday was our first day.  It seemed easy for students to log on and follow the directions.  Many asked if they could work on it at home!  There were some frustrated challenged students but that is not a bad thing.  Challenge is good for taking the kiddos to the next level.  As I look at the picture closer, I can see a few of the challenged students.  But I also see many accepting the challenge of the program.
     Your thoughts are valuable to me.  I would love to hear your comments about Keyboarding Without Tears.

That's all for me.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi....I caught your link over at Doodlebugs....Cloud in a jar seems cool! How did you do this? Do you have directions or a link where I could see how to do it myself? I think I'd like to try this in my room! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Here is our investigation page:
      I used a gallon size glass jar with a metal cover. I had the ice in the lid/cover for a few extra minutes while I talked with the kiddos about our investigation. When you do the investigation the second time the jar will already be warm and your cloud will be easier to see. We turned off the lights and use the flashlight to see the cloud swirling around in the jar.

  2. I totally agree with trying to leave projects for substitutes! Too much work!

    My kiddos LOVE Keyboarding Without Tears... I love how it ties in so many different topics, too.