Thursday, April 27, 2017

Five for Friday

     Each week is busy and activity filled!  I enjoy visiting your blogs and taking a peek at your crazy, busyness!  Thanks, Kacey for hosting this weekly activity filled party.

1 Healthy Kids Week - So many activities to keep the kiddos engaged.  Try something new, enjoy fruits and veggies, drink your milk, take a walk, and prizes!
2 Weather Research -  One day in Science class students did a little impromptu research.  I selected a leader for each group of six students.  The leader assigned various tasks to each group member.  They had 20 minutes to get a quick presentation together about their assigned season.  The presentations were pretty good and much better than me giving info to the kiddos.

3 Active Spelling Relays - After a littler longer than usual testing time, I got the class up and moving while they practiced their spelling words.  It was fun to see them running up and down the risers grabbing letters to spell the various words.  The letters are written on plastic lids, check out my post here for more information.   The kids were grouped in several different ways to the teams were always changing and no one had bragging rights to being the top winner.  It was a great spelling review and a little time to be loud and somewhat unstructured!

I know this isn't five things but, thanks for peeking into my busyness!



  1. Those spelling relays look like so much fun! I have a group of boys that physically can NOT sit still... I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to incorporate movement into our lessons and centers... they are going to love this!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm feeling the need to add some fun and movement to our learning times. The testing-season stress has been getting to all of us. Your fun spelling practice idea could be just what we need! Thanks for sharing.
    Laughter and Consistency