Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Hi Friends!

Do your students enjoy playing video games?
Would you like to engage and stimulate your math students?
Introduce your students to Prodigy and you'll be the coolest teacher in the school!

     Prodigy is a fantastic way for students to do both!  The best part is the program is FREE!

     Prodigy is an engaging math program/app for students.  Students work through math problems, as they complete a problem they earn rewards that help them as they battle various characters.  Stop by the Prodigy site, watch the video, and sign up your class!  Oh, by the way I'd love for you to use my referral link:   With full disclosure I do earn points for my class if you use my referral link.  

     Teachers can easily set assignments/concepts for their students/classroom.  When your students log on to Prodigy, they will be practicing the concepts you set for them.  I haven't told my students that I set the concepts for the class.  One student said, "Mrs. Brown, I have lots of money questions to answer."  Between you and I, what teacher doesn't love a little secret from their students?

     My teaching partner uses Prodigy during her Daily Math rotations.  Her kiddos can't wait to log on and work on their Prodigy journey.

     Teachers in grades 3-5 will enjoy the test preparation component of Prodigy.  Just like setting assignments/concepts for your students, you can select specific test prep questions. 

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