Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Happy Thursday evening, Friends!

     This freebie may be late for you to use before your Easter break but, if you do this activity a few days after Easter your students will LOVE it.  A teacher friend pointed out that Peeps will go on sale the day after Easter and this usually when does her classroom Peep projects!

     Here is my Peep Catapult STEM activity freebie.  I make a big deal about calling my students, scientists and/or engineers when we are doing the STEM projects.  I want them to connect occupations with our classroom learning.

     When the partners were finished building their catapults, they tested it using various milk jug/bottle caps.  I didn't hand out the Peeps until it was their turn to complete their three final trials.  Scientists/engineers needed reminders that the task was to launch their Peep the farthest not the highest.  Some partners tried to go really high rather than trying to gain distance.

     All in all the scientist/engineers had a fantastic time!  So many smiles from the students as they were shooting plastic lids around the room.  Who can't help but smile when a cute, yellow Peep bunny flies through the air and lands with a thump on the floor.😊

Happy Easter!

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