Saturday, May 6, 2017

Five For Friday

The month of May continues to speed along!  So much to do and so much fun to be had!

1  Multiplication practice - this week my math students did a lot of practice with arrays, repeated addition, and multiplication.  Partner work is a fun time and their conversations are fun to listen to.

2  Student Teachers - partners researched various types of precipitation, presented their findings, and wrote possible test questions about their topic.  This partner look very serious with notebooks and pencils in hand!

3  Beautiful Weather - here in Northeastern Wisconsin when the warmer weather arrives we take advantage of it.  What's better than having milk break and a quick game outside?

4  Spring Frogs - these little guys perked up our hallway this week.  Thank you, Doodle Bugs for your directed draw pictures!

5  Teacher Appreciation - I love my class!!!  This week I was showered with gifts from my kiddos.
When the sweet girl brought in this cutie she said her mom got it and didn't even know cows are my favorite animal!
 Coffee and chocolate, need I say more?

Thank you, Kacey for your weekly hospitality!

Enjoy your weekend!

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