Friday, May 12, 2017

Five for Friday

Friday, greetings!

How can it be, 14 more days of school!!!  We are still a busy second grade classroom...

1 Biography Project - second graders have been very busy researching a influential person from history.  This week students began working on Google slides presentations.

2 Happy Mother's Day - students completed their Mother's Day gifts.  I love this fun foam project.  My sweet volunteer starts using the die cut in April to get all the letters cut.  One student lives mainly with his grandma, so he made a special I💛You refrigerator magnet.  One mom saw our projects, said she still has hers and her daughter is now a high school sophomore!

3 Science Class - to study for our science test, student groups played a water cycle game.  One student in each group was the leader and had the answer key.  Each group answered questions to study for the test later in the week.

4 Ag Venture Day - Today the elementary students had the opportunity visit a variety of stations to learn about the agriculture industry in our state.  The high school students did an outstanding job organizing, presenting, and engaging the groups of elementary students.  Students visited a petting zoo, horticulture and aquaculture stations, learned about cranberries in Wisconsin, and got up close with a variety of machines that are used on large farms.

5 Prodigy game - Prodigy is a great web based math activity.  There are so many reasons you should sign up your class!  The biggie - it FREE!  Sign up your class, use my classroom code -  You will love having your class work on skills specially selected by you.  Even at the end of the school year students continue to be engaged by this program.

Thank you, Kacey I love your weekly linky party!

Happy Mother's Day, Friends!

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