Saturday, May 20, 2017

Five For Friday

WOW!  The end of the year craziness continues.  Just like Jordan at Team J's Second Grade, even though the days are wild I'm linking up with Kacey for another...

1  Testing/Assessment is in the bag!  Well, documented and closed out.  I finished with my last individual assessments with my kiddos this week.  What a great feeling to have that finished, recorded, and closed out!

2  This was the first year I had the students work with Scholastic to write their own book.  I'm sure many of you have done this already.  I've read about it and thought about the amount of work that it takes to get the book ready to be published.  Well, my thoughts were right!  It is a ton of work but the final product is WONDERFUL!  Mrs Bort, our student teacher took the lead on this project.  The extra hands in the classroom were essential to getting the project completed.  As teachers we all have the student that takes the extra, extra time to get their project completed - those were the students I worked with while Mrs. Bort managed the majority of the class during our Writer's Workshop.

Anyway it is great project offered by Scholastic!  I don't think I will do the project again next year.  I will probably wait a year or two just because of the cost factor.  Many families purchased the books for $19.95, so Scholastic makes money.  I just don't want families to think they have to purchase the books.  I know you feel the same way.

The book is a fantastic keepsake for Mrs. Bort's student teaching experience in our classroom!  I'm so glad we spent the time on this project!

3  How do you keep a lid on antsy kiddos?  Activities, activities, activities!!!  Our math class has been filled with a variety of activities this week.  We have had many schedule changes this past week and more to come in the next nine school days.  

I've enjoyed playing the games with the class also.  It is also enjoyable to win a few times🙂!

4  Our field trip Lake Lundgren Bible Camp is always a super fun time!  The kiddos are not sure about the word Bible in the title of the camp's name.  Once the day is over they all want to go there for summer camp!

Mr. Lorenz is so talented in keeping the attention of the students, while teaching them about the soil.  His hands-on approach is outstanding!

Student involvement and fun were key throughout our day.  We also had Mrs. Bartels present about mammals in Wisconsin.  The kids love touching the pelts and examining the skulls up close!
Check out this tired little ones!  I think know I could have fallen asleep also!

5  Five for Friday will be on summer vacation from June 2-August 4.  I love reading the weekly updates from a wide variety of classrooms!  Next year you should think about linking up with Kacey also!

Have a great weekend!


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