Thursday, May 25, 2017

Five for Friday

Thanks, Kacey for hosting Five For Friday!  Each week I anticipate reading about the many great things happening in all the classrooms.

1  Seed Germination Investigation - The kiddos had fun investigating the seeds.  

2  Parent Volunteer - This week I had a parent volunteer come in to work on a Father's Day project.  She did a great job organizing the kids so everyone was able to finish their project.  

3 Rainforest Cookies -  Each year during our plant unit or Earth Day unit I make rainforest cookies with the class.  I make chocolate chip cookie with nothing added.  When the kids make their cookie they add mini chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, or cinnamon.  Our parent volunteer also worked with the kids to get their cookies made.  Wow!  The extra hands were great to accomplish two fun learning projects.

4  Bread Baking - We also had another second grade parent visit our classroom.  Mrs. N demonstrate how to make bread.  She did a fantastic job connecting math, science, reading, and occupation skills during her demonstration.  What a yummy treat, fresh baked bread!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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