Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Five for Friday

Hip, hip, hooray June 1st was our last day!

The last day of school is always bittersweet for me.  It is so nice to begin vacation but, on the other hand I won't be seeing my little 2nd graders everyday.  They are ready to move on to 3rd grade, so it is with a hug and smile and sometimes a tear that I let them go.

One sweet boy came to me, gave me hug, and asked if he could get held back so he could be with me again!  How sweet!  I guess a teacher never really knows the impact they have on students.

Thanks, Kacey for our last Five for Friday for awhile!  Hey friends, make plans to link up with Kacey and join the other great teachers across the country who are sharing their lives.

1  Busy cleaning -  How fun to see the kids for excited for cleaning!  If only the parents knew eager they are to help clean!  Every year I tell me students, "It's your dirt, so you get to clean it."  No one complains, they just dig into the task.

2  End of the Year gifts - My end of the year gifts are very simple - homemade labels around a Hershey bar.

3  Reduce the Summer Slide - The last week of school the kids made a packet cover for their reduce the summer slide folder/packet.  Summer slide has really been on my mind and what can I do to encourage the kids to stay engaged with reading and math.  The packet contains this great product by Amy Lemons.  Amy did a wonderful job to included reading, math, penmanship, and much more.

I also put in a fill in reading list.  On the back I give the students my home address and ask them to send it to me when they complete the list.  When I receive their list I send them something special in the mail.  The packets also contain a special color in bookmark to use when they are reading.  And I include a fun menu of a variety of places to read.  For example, read in a blanket tent, read a book at breakfast, read under a tree, and many more.

Off to relax,

P.S. I know this is a very late post for Five for Friday.  As soon as school was out I was spending time with family.  Now that the house is quiet again, I can get back into my regular routine. 😊

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