Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Made It

Summer!!!  Time to relax and time to redo.  I'm not as ambitious as many of you but I've started thinking about what I would like to redo for the coming school year.  

Thanks, Tara for hosting the weekly Monday Made It.

My first two weeks of summer vacation has brought making memories.  My grandson lives out of state and our visits are few and far between.  When this little guy visits everything stops.  Cottage time, zoo time, play time, and fun times!

I had a little time to recover two pillows with light, fresh fabric for summer.

The Best Buttercream Frosting Recipe for piping cakes, cupcakes, etc! - Crafty MorningMy husband's birthday brought a fun evening with friends and pizza.  I made delicious poppy seed cupcakes and then bravely tried a new frosting recipe.  Check out the frosting recipe here.  This will be my new go to buttercream frosting recipe.

It has been quite a weather week!  One day brought ten small tornadoes to our little corner of northeastern Wisconsin!  As a result of the wild weather, we had some clean up to do at our cottage.  God is good, we only had to clean up the broken branches, no damage to the cottage.  It's hard to get perspective but the branches covered an area about 30'x30'.  Lots of wood for campfires!

Have a great week!



  1. Summer weather can be scary sometimes! I love your pillows. I'm needing to recover a few of mine, so maybe that will be one of my Monday Made It's this summer!

    Live, Laugh,
    Love Second

    1. My plan is to make new covers for the fall season. You know how busy life gets when school is back in session. I encourage you to make your new pillow covers, they go together very quickly.

  2. The weather seems to be crazy everywhere lately. Glad you are OK. I love your pillows....mine desperately need a makeover. Maybe I will use your idea and give mine a refreshing. Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching at the Beach

  3. Hey Judy,
    Your blog is incredible helpful! I love all of your STEM ideas and writers workshop plans. We are also starting keyboarding without tears this year with my Second Graders, so i am in excited to hear about how your experience turns out. I was wondering what grammar program and spelling program you use. We are looking for two new programs for my grade and keep hitting a wall. What do you like/dislike about thew ones you choose to use? Thanks for the help!

    1. Jess,
      Thank you so much for the encouragement! Our elementary school uses Journeys Reading series. The grammar and spelling is included in the series. With that said our 2nd grade has added to the Journeys spelling lists. We use most of the words from Journeys as our basic list then create new lists for a medium and challenge list. This differentiates the weekly spelling for our students. Even though we use the Journeys reading series, we are free to add to or leave out parts of the series. By following the series for grammar we are able to meet all the standards.
      Thanks for visiting! Any other questions, just ask!