Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monday Made It

I spent last week volunteering in the kitchen at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.  It is always a fun but exhausting week!  I was one of 6 volunteers that prepared home cooked food for 250 people three times a day.  My only made it for last week was food, food, and more food! 

When working in the kitchen, my friends and I like to have matching aprons.  During the last few years I've been working on sewing aprons for the three of us.  A different apron for everyday!  It is fun to see the campers faces when we come with a different apron everyday.

Also, I love seeing former students at the camp!  Even though my name tag says Judy is large letters I am still Mrs. Brown to all of them.  Working/volunteering at the camp is a very rewarding experience and a huge change of pace from being in the classroom.

Thanks, Tara for hosting a favorite summer linky party!


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