Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Reduce the Summer Slide

Summer vacation has started!  Ahhh, I can see so many teachers sitting back and relaxing.

The last week of school my students and I talked about the summer slide.  I've read several articles on this topic and thought this year I would be proactive and share some of the information with my students.  They were very surprised that students slide in the summer.  While we were discussing the topic of summer slide, several students said it wasn't going to happen to them.  When asked how they were going to not let it happen they smiled and said, "Read every day."  This great for the readers in classroom but I could tell that a few others who are not readers just tuned out. 

Enter our my idea - I suggested that we do a video about the topic and they were super excited.  I love their excitement and what a better way to end the school year - starring in a movie!  Even the reluctant readers thought of ways to reduce their summer slide.

Here is my opinion following the research I did.  Also, the special guest appearance will pertain to my students.


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