Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Made It

Happy Monday, Friends!  I love visiting all your blogs to get a glimpse into your classrooms and projects.  Thanks for inspiring me and I'm sure others!

Spelling Choice Board - You can read about my journey to use a choice board here.  I really like my second graders to take ownership of the classroom.  If they have ownership and leadership in the classroom, I've found that things run smoother when there is a sub.

Temperature Afghan - I put the final border on this crocheted afghan, that was a year in the making.  To give you the background on this incredibly large afghan (approximately 5'x9'), it all started with Phill, my son-in-law.  He challenged my daughter and I to make them.  Each row represents a day in the past year.  You can see the variety of colors of rows.  The color is based on the high temperature for the day.  My daughter lives on the west side of Wisconsin and I live on the east side so our afghans have turned out somewhat different.  She is still in the process of finishing her afghan, otherwise I would love to have a side by side picture comparison.

Search Pinterest for a wide variety of ideas.  That's where I found my inspiration.  Oh, be prepared to have a wide variety of yarn left over!  Now I'll have to find another project for the leftovers!  It is quite a cycle, isn't it?

The afghan will take up residence in our guest room.  It will be perfect for guests that need an extra cover for the night!

I love summer time to finish projects that seem to get set aside during the school year.

Have a great week!



  1. I love the temperature afghan! When I first read you did a row a day, I thought it might be based on the kind of day you had. Pink for a good "rosey" day, blue for a sad day, dark blue for a bad day... you know, sort of like a diary afghan... wonder if that exists on Pinterest?? That's something to do with the leftover yarn... though let's just hope you run out of pink first :) I love knitting and yarn projects, except 80% of mine never get completely finished! Thanks for sharing. Kathleen

  2. Look that afghan! That is beyond impressive! I love those beautiful colors :-) Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love the spelling choice board, great idea!

  4. Your spelling choice board is such a great idea!

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